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Does this guy look familiar? It should, because I used to own a Harman Kardon 430 which has a very similar design. Despite being part of a fairly sought after line of HK receivers, I could hardly dig up any information on this unit.

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Even though Nikko isn't very widely known from the era, this receiver turned out to be a fun little restoration project with a lot of reward.

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Another 1980s receiver, except this time a little more obscure. Nakamichi made some of the most high end consumer stereo receivers of the decade, back when every other brand was racing to the bottom.

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A cute but capable little slimline amplifier with support for both moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges. Seems to be the last of an era when Sony made high quality stereo equipment.

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I decided to catalog as many modern turntables as I could. The result is a chart featuring over 50 different brands and models along with prices and specifications. Hopefully this proves useful to anyone shopping for a new turntable.

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This receiver is over 45 lbs and almost two feet wide. Rated at 120 watts/channel, it's a monster. I had to replace the power switch because it was almost completely corroded inside, causing visible arcing and smoke.

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A new amplifier for me to play with. There wasn't much needed in terms of maintenance here, but I did make adjustments to the DC offset in order bring it back to factory specifications which was a first for me.

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I recently acquired this beefy little amp as a new restoration project. After taking it home, I found out that it required slightly more repair work than I was used to performing. I ended up having to replace several resistors and diodes on the main amp board.

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A quick look at the JVC QL-A7 turntable—I owned it for several years until I sent it to a new home just last week. It worked very well and was built like a tank, but it had a few things that kept me from really falling in love with it.

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