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| audio, gear, kenwood, vintage | 19 comments

I restored this amp for a friend of mine, including a complete recap and replacement of other miscellaneous parts. The job turned out to be a complete success, and I'm sad I can't keep it for personal use.

| audio, gear, kenwood, vintage | 24 comments

I did a decent amount of repair work to this Kenwood receiver, compared to my usual restoration routine. And I remembered to actually take photos of the whole process this time. Lots of photos!

| audio, gear, vintage | 64 comments

I picked up this turntable at a thrift store for only $15—the first time I've ever found anything remotely worth keeping at a thrift store. It needed a good cleaning and a few repairs, but nothing too major.

| audio, gear, sony, vintage | 14 comments

Another vintage Sony receiver that I couldn't pass up. It didn't require much work at all, just a good cleaning and one burned out bulb. Unfortunately I couldn't find much information on this model.

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