I have learned some new things about how to properly color correct C-41 film, so I updated my guide with new steps and provided a new Photoshop action to download for free.

Since my last post about color correcting C-41 film scans, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the Photoshop actions I provided, but I did not do a very good job of explaining how it works. I have also learned a bit more about how to improve the whole process since then, so I have decided to completely revamp that guide as well as provide some new Photoshop actions that hopefully work a bit better for everyone.

Jump over to the old post to see the updated guide.


I read on the Internet that "With color negative film, there really is no "correct" color". So is it possible to adjust the color negative film from Fujifilm Pro 400H to Kodak Portra 400?

Glad to see this new post. I love the title of this blog but thought that it had gone permanently dormant. Hope that you continue to have new ideas to write about.