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I was lucky enough to pick up Fujifilm's latest X-T2 mirrorless camera this week, and there's nothing but praise for it online. It really is a great camera, but I thought I'd talk about a few firmware problems I've discovered so far.

The X-T2 is Fujifilm's latest flagship mirrorless camera. It does 4K video, has crazy good auto focus and motion tracking, and a bunch of other neat stuff. There's already about a million unboxing videos, reviews, and example photos available all over the internet, so I will spare you the repetition and get right down to it. I was lucky enough to pick one up this week, and while it really is a great camera, I ran into a few problems with the firmware that I find pretty annoying.  I haven't found anybody discussing this yet, so I am hoping these problems get addressed soon with a firmware update.

I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the same problems as me:

  1. Update: This issue appears to be fixed with the firmware update version 1.10 released on November 29 2016. When you first turn the camera on with a lens cap attached and then remove it, it takes a good 5-7 seconds for the auto-exposure to adjust back to normal levels. This is absurdly long, and it means you'll likely miss that perfect shot while you wait for the camera to figure out that you aren't actually in a pitch black room. I've already missed several great shots of my kids because of this. You can avoid this happening if you take the lens cap off first, then turn the camera on.
  2. Update: This issue is resolved with the firmware update version 1.10 released on November 29 2016. If you take multiple shots too quickly, even of the exact same subject and scene, the camera will switch to electronic shutter (silent) and over expose subsequent shots drastically. This happens regardless of the drive mode (BKT, CH, CL or S) you have selected. Update: to reproduce this, set the camera in AF-C mode and change the AF-C priority setting to "focus". The default setting is "release" and the problem does not occur when set to "release". This definitely seems like a software bug that needs to be fixed. As far as I can tell, AF-S mode is unaffected.
  3. Update: This issue went away on its own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  As of this morning, the rear LCD screen has a subtle flicker to it. It is visible even when previewing previously taken photos, so it is not a result of the live display reacting to fluorescent light sync issues or anything like that. The EVF seems unaffacted. I am hoping this is not a hardware related issue actually, because I'd hate to have to already send the camera off under warranty. Removing the battery and replacing it, and changing all kinds of settings doesn't seem to get rid of it.
  4. Update: This issue is resolved with the firmware update version 1.10 released on November 29 2016.I can't get the PC auto save function to work at all. The camera freezes up when trying to connect to my router and stops responding to all button presses, even the power switch. The only way to recover from this is to take the battery out.

Besides those issues, it's safe to believe the rest of the hype surrounding this camerait's really great. The only other complaint I have is probably the battery life being so short, but that's more so a consequence of using mirrorless cameras in general and not necessarily a fault with the X-T2. I guess I will have to start carrying a spare battery or two if I am away from a charging source for extended periods of time.


If find it also freezes--sort of. After taking several photos it just seems to black out--if I wait more than several seconds or press the shutter release from time to time it comes back, but more often than not I have to turn it off and turn it back on again.

Although I am new to Fuji system, I have also observed the #1 point about auto exposure problem when you start or restart or weak up from sleep mode. The screen goes very exposed (like you are looking at Sun) and then slowly it comes to normal exposure. I thought maybe this is how the fuji systems are... Hopefully, it is a software problem.

Another problem i have observed is that if I set any function, after few shots it goes back to its default setting. I may be doing something wrong....

Bert, I've had it completely freeze up on me a few times as well, but I haven't been able to reproduce the scenario that caused it.

I've only used my X-T2 a couple of times, briefly, but I've noticed an unusually long lag when I put my eye to the viewfinder before it becomes active. I haven't tested it against my X-T1 or X-Pro2, but my impression is that there is at least a half-second more lag on the X-T2.

Also, last night I kept having issues with trying to move the focus point with the joystick and it seemed frozen momentarily. Trying to reset it to the center by pressing the joystick also seemed to be unresponsive at first... then it started working again. No idea what the issue is, but it happened 2 or 3 times.

As a rule, I try not to get myself too worked up about these glitches - so often they're the price of being an early adopter of any new technology - and Fuji is generally pretty good about sorting out firmware issues pretty quickly. But after dropping $2K on a camera and grip, ANY minor issue feels magnified into a calamity. ;)

My 10 day old XT2 froze and is now a paperweight pending a firmware update or a replacement. Got a new 35mm lens, put it on, and went looking for night photos. Took a picture of an urban scene, and the image just froze in the optical viewfinder. Power off did not work, had to remove/replace battery to power down. Unfortunately, this did not solve the freeze problem.

Went home, updated the lens firmware, swapped lens, swapped memory cards...no luck.

Took it in today. The camera guys tried everything, couldn't fix it. They OKd a replacement, but just my luck, no more in stock.

Hoping fujifilm addresses this and other issues with a firmware fix (because it does seem like a fantastic camera when working).

I had similar problems — the random switch to electronic shutter, the occasional freezing. Even a few images that were washed out yellow, with crazy fringing. All irreproducable.

Two days ago, the X-T2 wouldn't turn on any more. Different batteries, cards, lenses, all to no avail. This morning I tried a battery I'd tried before and it turned on again — once, and then no more. Battery works fine in other bodies.

Regrettably I'm sending mine back and replacing it with a proven X-T1. I'll miss the 2, but I'm shooting a destination wedding in two days and can't risk getting another dud.

Can't say whether the glitches are related to the breakdown of course, since it's only one experience. But there's a chance that it's a hardware manufacturing issue and not just firmware, sadly.

Sorry to hear you are also having problems. I really hope it is a firmware issue. They had so many (seemingly) out for testing pre-launch, that I figured/hoped the build was stable.

I hear great things about the xt1. Good luck with the wedding!

I am sending my X-T2 back to Fuji tomorrow or getting my money back if my dealer allows that since I've had it since September 8th. I am getting overexposure in auto everything mode. I compared it with the X-T1 with different lenses in many light conditions.

I finally read other people having same problem, but Fuji USA has only heard of my complaint. So I urge people to call Fuji with problems, so the firmware can fix it or figure out if some of us have lemons. Other forums. like DPReview have threads of people with X-T2 issues, but the contact hasn't had contact with these forums.

If you reset to factory settings for shooting and setup menus, things work fine, but as soon as you change anything other than film simulation, the exposure is way overdone or even whited out, especially in bright light. Also, aperture priority doesn't quite work so well. Shutter priority seems okay. Even if you change everything in manual, the camera magically changes shutter speed. The camera also changes card slot choice out of the blue.

The firmware update in October, so far, is not taking into account these problems. The Fuji USA contact to Tokyo seems to be relying on the few people who are calling in complaints and mainly Robert, the administrator for fujix-forum. So, please call Fuji about your problems.

Hi Everyone,
I am just writing to confirm that I have seen similar problems to some of those mentioned here. I've Jeff's first problem mentioned, and I've had issues with the camera overexposing, as well. I haven't shot it on full Auto, but I am going to try to reproduce Robert's setting above to see if I can reproduce these failure modes. If so, I will also be contacting Fuji. I encourage everyone else who sees problems to do so as well.

I am new to photo forums, but have been a Fujifilm X-T1 owner for several years. I recently upgraded to the X-T2. I, too, have noticed the lag time when initial removing the lens cap while the camera is turned on. Also, once in a while I have noticed the blue AFL indicator in the viewfinder and then the camera is stuck; meaning the focus does not adjust when depressing the shutter button halfway. It's very infrequent, but annoying. Happens on two different lenses so far. Not having other problems listed in this forum that I can see. So far, pics and video are turning out nicely. One last issue is the noise and sharpness of the jpg's is somewhat disappointing on tree foliage in the distance. Using the raw image, I get better results in LR with lower sharpness and luminance settings. This might be user adjustable in the X-T2, but I am still learning camera.

My X-T2 problem is with the PC Autosave. By resetting the wifi, I got the computer (iMac Retina) to sync with the camera after many tries but when trying to access it from the Playback menu, it is grayed out so no luck. (Before resetting, it would almost immediately freeze up requiring battery removal).

I typically use the USB cable and not the PC Autosave anyhow so I can live without it but I replaced two X-T1s where it worked fine on both although clumsily. I'm counting on a firmware update to fix this. Won't exchange camera since I might be trading one problem for another.

So far, I have not noticed your other issues. A little disappointing since my X-T1s had no such issues. Thanks, Andy

Just had my X-T2 die in the middle of an event. Thought maybe my batterie were dead, but no. Loved the file before it crashed but that doen't matter.
Sending it back to dealer. Can't work with unreliability. I guess never go for 1st gen before bugs are worked out. Maybe rushed to market

Used the camera once for an event that didn't need continuous focussing and camera and all was fine. Went to cover a horse trials event with camera set up for action shots the evening before and arriving at event the camera wouldn't power up. Tried with booster attached and without plus putting new battery in body plus drive and also tried Lexar and Sandisk type cards {both high speed}. After repeating everything for at least half an hour it finally came to life. Returned home with camera turned off for the 1 hour journey home and it wouldn't turn on again. Any advice on wether to insist on a replacement or return it for repair at FUJI UK. No idea what Fuji UK are like {ie. quick} at servicing. Help if you have any advice. Thanks

Definitely call Fuji UK unless your camera shop will replace it. In the USA, you send it for evaluation and Fuji has a choice of repair or replacement. I'm guessing with your story they should replace it. I'm waiting for my X-T2 to return from Fuji Repair in New Jersey within 10 business days.

Thanks for reply Robert Duvall Smith

I got one of the first X-T2's from B&H, everything was fine the first few weeks of causal use. On first day of a trip to Middle East today, the camera with 14mm 2.8 lens suddenly would not auto focus, after checking everything I removed the battery and put it right back in and it works again so far. Just one more report for the list. Hoping it continues to focus.

My issues with my new X-T2 are that occasionally it will not autofocus in Single Shot mode. The focus point just stays white instead of turning green and beeping. Turning off and on solves the issue. Also occasionally the LCD will not switch to EVF when I put it up to my eye. Both are so intermittent the I cannot reproduce either of them intentionally.

I had one on order at B&H, but backed out due to delays. After reading the above I guess I am very lucky!

I will get my X-T2 back from Fuji in New Jersey in a few days. They replaced the electrical board.

My issues with with my X-t2 are underexposing in O ev scale (i have to put it in +1/3 for correct exposition) and an aleatory loose of my personal configuration.

I've had the XT2 freeze on a number of occasions during manual focus or after changing a lens. f0 (f zero) appears in the display and the camera won't autofocus or take a picture. A couple of times I have stopped the problem by removing the battery or changing to another lens. Finally, it is now completely stuck in this state and I am getting a replacement camera from Fuji.

I just bought fuji x-t2 from BIC CAMERA Tokyo, Japan. It's only been 2 weeks. Was shooting for my travel casual photos. Both in auto and acros settings. Suddenly when I got back home. I turn on the camera and gets error that said need to "turn off and turn on" again. Yet the problem continues. The lens was XF 23 f1.4 then I change the lens to XF 56 f1.2 everything turns out to be just fine. Hopefully issue is gone. If not will take it to the FUJI.

This is a failure mode specifically for the lens; this same error message happened to me for my 27mm lens. There is something broken with the 23 f/1.4; it could the AF motor or one of the electrical contacts in the lens. You can send the lens in to Fuji for repair. The camera and your other lenses should work fine.

I've already replaced the vertical grip after my x-t2 froze twice, preceded by some misfiring of autofocus or exposure settings; removing the grip unfreeze the camera. My new grip seems to work, but the camera then started previewing everything (on eye viewfinder or LCD) with a strong red cast. The actual photos shot (I shoot raw only) are excellent and in focus, normal color. This reverted to normal function with restoring camera to default settings. I'm hoping these instabilities will be addressed with a firmware update, but if not and they are mechanical (electrical) I will have the camera replaced also.

I'm into my fifth week waiting for my X-T2 repair. They had to order parts and claim most times they do not get the quantity of a particular part they order. Two weeks into this, they claimed the parts where in and the camera would be repaired in two days. The next week, the story was that it would be by the end of that week, and so on and so on. Communication with Fuji in Edison, New Jersey is not great. They will not let you know about parts backorder or anything else unless they are asking for payment for non-warranty repair. Mostly, they let you know they have your camera, give you a repair reference number and when they ship, they will email tracking. I don't why it is so hard to get actual repair status when you call. I never know what to believe. The customer service people are in the same building as the repair techs and can just walk to the repair techs' desks to find out about status.

All I can say is thank god I didn't buy this camera.

Update on the update. Now they are saying it needed a new shutter assembly. This is after saying it needed a new electrical board and parts that "deal with overheating". So I don't know if they replaced all that or just the shutter assembly. I don't understand how the shutter assembly could cause intermittent and different glitches, but I hope that whatever they did fixes my problem. They are now saying they will ship it overnight, but I've read on older forum posts that promises like that are given, but not necessarily followed through on. Steven S. is the tech who finally found out what the status was, mostly.

My camera was just delivered back to me. It is now working perfectly. They did just replace the shutter assembly, cleaned and inspected. No electrical board replacement.

Hi Robert,
I'm glad you got your camera back and it is now working perfectly, and sorry that you had to go through this. I know it doesn't help regarding your experience to know that there are virtually no defect-free manufacturing processes, and unfortunately, some folks' cameras may get caught out with a defective shutter assembly. My guess is that Fuji learned something useful from this warranty repair and will work to improve shutter design/tolerance/manufacturing so that it does not happen again. Cheers, Stephen

Just got mine today...and it already froze on me and it won't turn off...I have to remove the battery to turn it off. I will call B&H tomorrow.

I've read about a lot of freezes on the X-T2. I hope Fuji addresses this issue.

Robert, they addressed for you, correct? I am sure they are implementing a fix for production. They are very proactive regarding continuous improvement.

Yes. They fixed my problems. I just haven't heard they're working on the freeze problem.

Having worked on quality improvement projects professionally myself in a corporate environment, companies don't publicly announce publicly their activities. The first thing to do is to gather data to determine what is and what is not the problem, characterize the failure modes using FMEAs or Fault Tree Analysis, and then put a team on to resolving the failure modes. They have to determine if the problem is one of intrinsic design, manufacturing defects or tolerance stack-up, or the result of interactions that mediate the failure mode. They then have to develop and fully test a fix and then make changes in production to implement. Changes in production in particular take time, because any ECRs (engineering change requests) have to be verified and validated before transferring to Ops/production. Once companies have completed all these things they *may* announce they have rectified a quality problem, or not. Fuji is quite open about this, Canon, Nikon and Leica are not. Hope this helps provide some context about what is involved.

Stephen--How do you know they are working to correct these problems, and if the problems are as common as comments here and elsewhere seem to indicate, shouldn't they stop selling the camera until the problems are corrected? I am in the market for a new camera, but now have the feeling I should limit my search to cameras that have are at least one year past their retail sales introduction.

I'm having an issue with my 23mm 1.4

It's like the aperture will not change and it also won't focus .

It works perfectly however on my xt1 ...

Any ideas ?

Alex, I would write Fujifilm support and/or call and see if there's a known issue using the 23mm with the X-T2. They have updated lenses firmware from time to time.

I am enjoying my XT2, except for the occasional bug. Firstly the camera would freeze up especially in boost mode. The issue was not persistent but the fact that it happened in the first place was disconcerting. I found that I sometimes experienced issues when trying to start the camera as well. It's like you flip the switch but you don't hear it power up. I've been using my W126 (not the W126S) when that happened, but I hope it won't happen as often on my W126S batteries. It's a great camera and I love everything about it but the problem is just rather shocking, and I may send it in if it ever happens again.

A firmware update, 1.10, came out yesterday. You should update your cameras and see if your problems have been addressed. The update was at first dealing with tethering but now is dealing with other bugs dealing with overexposure in AF-C mode and Face Detection and other bugs. They don't mention the freezing, though many people have noted that problem.

What about the heat issue? Funny no one complains about this...

I've heard comments about that from people not using the new battery W126S.

I am having issues with autofocus on my XT-2 and the 23 mm 1.4 bought in Norway. After a few pictures in auto mode it switches to manual focus and stays there. Tried switching on and off, and also taking out battey without any luck. After a few hours in off mode it started to work again, but switced to manual again after a few shoots. Haven't had time to try out all of my other lenses, but the 18-55 mm 2.8 seems to work fine. Will take it back to the dealer here in Norway and see what they can do.

I had the same flicker issue with my X-T2 after the update but it slowly just faded away .. totally odd :D

I have also only had my Fuji xt2 for 6 weeks now, couple of problems, my shutter dial keeps jamming up on me, so have lost a number of shots. My histogram gives me a false reading and have lost quiet a number of shot due to blown highlights. I can't read the thumbnails on my Apple Mac, I have heard it's because mac isn't compatable with the xt2 files, this one isn't a major but it would be nice to see the thumbnail with out having to go into bridge. Just bought a brand new battery grip and the cap which covers all the electronic devices doesn't secure properly, there's probably a good chance I will lose it unless I sticky tape it on. Sometimes when I turn the camera on it doesn't start up so I have to turn it off then turn back on again, sometimes this doesn't work 2nd time around either, so again could lose shots. The cap on the front of the camera which covers the flash sync has fallen off, not sure how this even happened. There's probably a very good chance that I will be returning the camera, and selling the three lenses that I bought to go with this set up plus the 2 extra batteries and battery grip. Very disappointed, I should have just gone with Sony.

I've read these comments with interest and in a wide way relief that I'm not the only one disappointed by what should be a brilliant camera. I received my X-T2 on 22 October. I only shots still images for the next 10 days - Raw+Jpeg Fine. The maximum number I managed on a single battery charge was 105; most days the battery ran out by mid-afternoon and some 70-80 images. I olive in Paris France so took it to FujiFilm's authorised service agent. They replaced the mother board and returned it with 10 days. Couldn't exchange the body for a new one as there is no stock in France. That was impressive.
Now I have it back and the battery problem seems to be okay, although not fully tested. BUT I ran video for the first time yesterday. I tried to record my daughter on 4K playing in a harp concert. USELESS! I managed 44 seconds before the camera overheated and froze. I tried again; 19 seconds. Two hours later after waiting with the camera switched off, I tried to record at home; 69 seconds before it overheated and froze. So sad but it's going back to FujiFilm again. Not what I was expecting!

I should add that like Luke the flash synch socket cover fell off my X-T2 the first time I used it. I was lucky and found it that time. Not so lucky the second time. However, the French service agent provided one for free when they returned it after replacing the motherboard.
I also have witnessed the autofocus/auto exposure time lag after taking off the lens cap but have just learned to keep the cap off when possible and likely to need to take a "grab" shot.

You need to be using the W126S batteries, not the ones for the XT-1 to prevent overheating.

Hello! I've had similar problems with focusing my 18-55 and my 32 mm Touit on a brand new Fuxi XT-2. Sent back the camera to Fuji Canada, returned with a note: everything is OK. Asked for a refund from the dealer right away. Those lenses were excellent with my old XT-1. I refuse to pay for an unfinished product. Also the EVF was not the same "color" as the back screen. It reminded me of the first generation XT-1: the selector buttons were awful, light leakage. Seems the Fuji ambassadors have missed a few glitches with the XT-2. The new firmwares for the XT-2 and XPro2 fix a few problems, but I am not willing to dish out 2000$.

I have issues with delays in switching between eye view and back screen.
Also flash synch is strange. In auto mode With the 10-24 lens shutter is set to 1/40 with the 23 f1.4 it is set to 1/50. Once flash is charged the shutter speed can not be changed. Also minimum shutter speed does not work with the glad on. Flash photography in TTL is totally useless with the Xt2. Shutter speed stays at 1/30. Setting the shutter dial to 125 and turning the back dial will not let you cycle up or down the shutter speed range. Will go down to 80 and up to only 200.

Coming from a Nikon world, it is hard to adjust to these anomalies.

has anybody else had the problem of the xT2 destroying perfectly good memory cards?
in 1 month mine has corrupted 3 perfectly good cards....some would still read elsewhere but not in the fuji. it wouldnt format them after either. all in card slot 1

i will be calling them tomorrow to request a replacement

I also had problems with a memory card and the X-T2. I could not format or truly delete the photos from the card. I assumed it was a card problem, since the same thing happened with the same type card in my X-T2.

I've noticed that when you hide Exp Comp from the finder, you lose the meter altogether! As in you lose all photometry.

Just got home today with new XT2 kit. Did everything as manual said....nothing. Battery chraged, second battery charged, inserted correct...nothing it wont even turn on!

Hi all,

My LCD screen has stopped functioning - you can tell it's "on" (powered up) because it goes from a deep black ("off") to a dimly-lit, but very dark, grey. There is no picture, no nothing. I've tried everything.

I just bought the XF 56mm 1.2 and had just attached it, shot 3-4 frames, everything was fine... then it wasn't.

I've had the camera for 23 days (crucially, 2 days longer than Jessops 21-day period where they will simply exchange your camera, as opposed to having to send off to Fuji for a fix) and have only used on battery life cycle. Barely used.

I waited for 4 months to get this camera and when I finally ordered it in December I got an email the day after saying it was out of stock again - I had to wait another 2 weeks before it was despatched.

I've taken it out on one walk since I've had it.

To say the overall experience has been frustrating would be an understatement.

I'm gutted.

The only thing keeping me from feeling more angry or sad is to try and put things into perspective and think about the more important things happening in the world today.


I've googled and found nothing on this issue, so hopefully anyone reading who unfortunately has it happen to them can relate. Hope they find a fix to this. Will update you.



I took the battery out, went and made lunch, came back an hour later and put it back in. Turned the camera on and the LCD was working.

I guess a hard reset brought it "back to life" - although, like I said, it was always alive, just not working right.

I've now updated the firmware (something I could not do before, as this requires use of the LCD) and hoping this is a just a software issue.

Does anyone think it could be hardware to blame?

I plan on calling Fuji tomorrow anyway.


Update #2:

The LCD screen stopped working again (same issue as above).

Sending back to retailers Jessops for replacement.

Annoying! Hoping the next one is fine...


in my eyes, it appears that this new electronic bomb XT2 is onley a halft done product only problems and complaints im not purchasing it perhaps NeXT gen xt3

Received xt2 from Wex a few days ago. Box had a squashed corner. Wasn't happy but camera seemed fine. A few days later after wiping smudges off the screen with lens cloth, the bottom left backlight LED on the LCD started glowing brightly changing the color of most of the LCD making it unusable. I'm guessing a static issue. Lasted for several minutes though found that touching the LCD clears it quicker, presumably dissipating the charge. Not a firmware issue and possibly from getting damaged in transit after all, but another story of issues. Takes great photos but my experience and reading this does suggest issues. Buying a refurb from the Fuji store was suggested as safer than new because it will have gone through actual testing with an engineer, and that advice seems good in retrospect. Returning to Wex and hopefully the next one will be sound.

Great but I can't even see what Firmware version is on my X-T2! Depressing Disp/Back to operate camera does not work. Switching c camera on only gives two non related screens and nothing connected with Firmware upgrades. My blood pressure is running very high thanks to Fuji and my new iMac trying to process Fuji raw files. A big bottle of aspirin is called for ......
Help from anyone or is it a return to the retailer? Thanks

Steve, you push down the Disp/Back button and then turn on the camera. You will see the camera body and lens firmware versions.

So I don't understand that you're not seeing the firmware version window. Also, unless you have the latest Mac OS, you will not be able to use RAW for Mac Photos. I didn't upgrade to the latest OS and so can only use RAW with my XT-1 and below.

So I don't understand that you're not seeing the firmware version window. Also, unless you have the latest Mac OS, you will not be able to use RAW for Mac Photos. I didn't upgrade to the latest OS and so can only use RAW with my XT-1 and below.

Thank you Robert - Fuji's instructions are unclear (in my opinion) but by depressing back/disp then turning on camera I get the firmware screen as you suggested. Many thanks for your prompt response.
The X-T2 appears to be a great camera with the little use I have given it so far. I have been a dedicated Nikon user with a D810 now in use and bought the Fuji to take to Australia/New Zealand as it is smaller (with the 16-55 and 100-400 lens). Now struggling with the iMac using PS Elements 15 and/or Affinity to process Raw files - the processing is OK but when I save as jpegs they go into the Apple 'ether' and I cannot find them on the pc. I get very little choice where to save files via these two programs. I have been using Windows 10 until recently and there is no problem with Windows giving me a choice of file destinations. Sounds as though you may be a little more knowledgeable than me.

Steve, I just use the iMac's basic photo "editing" program that was called iPhotos and now just Photos. I shoot in "Fine" with my XT-2 for now and "RAW" with my XT-1. There is a free program called rawtherapee that has updates daily and should cover any RAW file from any camera new and old. Your Mac will tell you not to open it, but I've read lots of information saying it is safe. If I get brave enough I will install the latest Mac OS and thus latest Photos and I should be able to use RAW XT-2 images.

Robert again thanks for replying. I note your comments by Apple's Photos is rather basic for what I require. I enter competition photos so need something a little more sophisticated. Consequently I use PS Elements 15 (c£110) and Affinity (c£50). I like Photoshop full but don't really wish to be committed to a monthly charge for ever more. I find the retrieval of RAW files for editing in either PS elements of Affinity is not easy - Mac/Fuji don't seen to give titles to the pictures but just numbers (which includes a date) - all fairly meaningless. That is where I preferred Windows! Buy hey ho - I am committed to both Fuji and Mac now so I will have to lump it....... Maybe when I am more acquainted with both pieces of equipment I will find a better work flow At the moment ... frustrated ....

Has anyone had issues with the drive dial? My X-T2 only shoots in one mode regardless of if I put it in movie setting, continuous, double exposure etc. After reading all these comments I feel silly having bought the camera without warranty as the defects seem abundant at this point.

Hi everybody,

I found myself upon this page because like others I have a sick XT-2. Mine has two problems as well, lucky me.

Firstly, mine occasionly does not turn on after if it is shutdown, especially after a quick off on cycle (and yes I did press the shutter button down halfway). In every occasion the only way I could fix this was to remove the battery. Fuji UK were curious about the card I was running. In this case it is the Sandisk extreme PRO 300MB/s card. They wanted to see whether the fault occurred if the card was removed- and after thrashing it out I could not get it to faulty. Annoyingly though after I put the card back in I have only seen this fault occur after about 1 week of daily use.

Problem two.

Last night I discovered that the camera freezes if I am bracketing shots. I got a 100% failure rate if I adjusted the AE bracketing shots to 9 frames with +-3EV steps all shot continuously (in one burst). The camera would just hold the first shot and the LED would stay lit. The only way I would reset the fault was to power down. If I shot but adjusted to 7 frames at +-3EV instead of 9 the camera worked fine.

I have fired off some emails to Fuji, awaiting reply.

Well I have another kind of problems, with my fujifilm xt2 that I just bought this week, I went out to take a photo of Autumn, and nature, and I find that the photos have a lot of noise, with an ISO in 200, I am disappointed and worried, since I had an XT1, and it worked magnificently, (but, it was stolen)
The XT1 did not have noise in places with natural light, I do not know if it will be that I have to upgrade the firmware? but they did not explain anything to me when I bought it. Could someone help me make a decision? I would appreciate it thanks in advance

I have a XT2 Fuji and i am trying to update my Firmware ,but i can't seem to open Disp/Back to display how to download.

I have a XT2 Fuji and i am trying to update my Firmware ,but i can't seem to open Disp/Back to display how to download.