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Easily the best thrift store find I've ever made. This incredibly awesome and beefy amp did not require any servicing at all—I'm just glad somebody decided to donate it instead of tossing it in the dump.

This is probably the best thrift store find I've ever made. I always check out the electronics shelf when I go to thrift stores, but they are usually full of junk like old DVD players and mini bookshelf systems. You can imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner of the aisle and saw this silver faced thing sitting there—how had nobody picked it up before me?

This is a rather high end piece of Kenwood equipment and has a unique dual power supply design, just like the Harman Kardon 430 that I blogged about a few years ago. It is rated at 65 watts per channel and has nice low distortion (0.04% THD) and a good S/N ratio (90dB on line-in). After doing a bit of research, it apparently has one of the best pre-amps of any of the 1970s Kenwood gear. It also uses proprietary Kenwood-Trio output transistors in the amp modules, which makes replacing them near impossible if they ever go kaput.

It was actually in perfect shape when I got it—it only needed a light dusting, and of course, I had to clean all of the knobs and switches with contact cleaner just for good measure. I originally intended to keep it and do a full recap since everything looked relatively easy to access, but I am not sure if I will ever have time to get around to it. And anyway, it sounds fantastic as it is with original components.

I enjoyed using it for the past few months but unfortunately I have to let it go so I can make room for some new Marantz gear that I picked up (and will surely write about). A few interesting features this amp has is a "presence" switch that boosts specific midrange frequencies to enhance vocals, and three different "loudness" settings.


Nice one. Just brought one of these home myself, it really will benefit from having all the controls cleaned, they're the dirtiest I've encountered.

Beautiful piece of HiFi, the golden age of Kenwood.
can i ask you what gear you used for the photography...
cheers from Paris

and Thank you !!

Do you still have this? Is it available for sale?

I also have one of these great Kenwood KA-7300 integrated amps. I got lucky at an estate sale and got it from the original owner in the original Kenwood box with the internal packing.
It is UNBELIEVABLY clean, inside and out. Probably as clean or even cleaner than the one you have here. AND, it sounds just as good as it looks!!
But, unfortunately, I have to reduce the size of my vintage collection and will probably end up selling it soon just like Jeff had to here.

This was my amp back in the 70's. I also had the matching tuner for it. Loads of power for my Pioneer HPM 100 speakers!

This is what the 1977 Complete buyer's Guide to Stereo/Hi Fi Equipment had to say:
Every so often a true bargain is offered to the hi-fi enthusiast. In this case Kenwood offers a integrated amp with 40 watts per channels of honest power, two tape monitors (with dubbing in either direction), outputs for two sets of speakers, full control flexibility and a price tag of less than $160($159.95). It
is not likely that there is any way to beat the KA-3500 in terms of price/performance ratio.

Whoops my fault,. Ok. Here's what the This is what the 1977 Complete Buyer's Guide to Stereo/Hi Fi Equipment had to say about the KA-7300:

Kenwood has incorporated dual power supplies into this very fine integrated amplifier, eliminating any possible interference between channels. In overall performance the KA-7300 need make apologies to no one. In addition, it has a number of very useful design features, all of which contribute to the fine feel of the unit. The volume control uses a stepped attenuator, rather than the usual detented potentiometer, which makes the adjustment very precise. The tone controls have variable turnover, and there is a subsonic filter which should completely eliminate rumble, audible or not. We suggest that anyone in the market for a good amp, with lots of features, check this one out.

Price in 1977 $330.00

I owned one of these for many years. It's an excellent amplifier that was in fact a better performer than its big brother, the KA-8300. That model had power meters and higher power that seemed impressive. However, under the skin, the output stages consisted of two huge ICs, rather than the superb, discrete circuitry of the KA-7300. I've since moved on to tubes, but if I was ever to buy another SS amplifier, this would be in my top five to pick from.


Nice work! I am looking to find an accurate capacitor list for the schematics. The one that I find online is not accurate. If you made a list would you please email it to me? Thanks!

Can one of you please tell me how to go about cleaning the switches on my KA-7300 Integrated Amplifier? I have owned this unit since sometime in 1976 or '77. It was a friend's stereo, and had been stolen and recovered. When my stereo was destroyed in a fire, Al, my friend had just recovered his Kenwood stereo from the San Jose Police Dept. (it still has their stickers on it and the tuner, and Marantz turntable), but had already replaced his stereo with the insurance money. So he sold it to me. The most wonderful amplifier, tuner, and turntable I've ever owned, which isn't really saying much. Recently the KT-5300 tuner just stopped receiving. Fortunately for me my brother had an extra Kenwood KT-7300 & KA-7100 combination that he had recently replaced, so he gave them to me. So I hooked them up to the rest of my stereo, and everything works fine. I do hope to get the KT-5300 fixed eventually, but I really want my KA-7300 back on line. There's really nothing seriously wrong with it, as far as I can tell. It was working when I took the stereo off of the shelf for cleaning and to install my brother's Kenwood units. The switches are just dirty, at least I think that's all that's wrong with them. I bought some spray contact cleaner, and hope that will be enough to get them working better -- I'm just unsure of where I should spray this stuff to be the most effective, and not do any damage. And I'm guessing that I should be flipping the switches up and down while doing so. Any help will be appreciated.

I bought mine USED in 1980 or 81 while in college. My daughter is enjoying this amp during college now....

Are you selling this amp

Any body have a KA-7300 for sale?