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This amp was sitting in my basement for almost a year before I finally decided to get it up and running again. Only needed a few bucks worth of parts.

I've had this amp sitting on my shelf for way too long. I originally purchased it for $20 along with the Kenwood KR-2400 that I restored last June, but I for whatever reason it took me forever to get around to fixing it.

As it turns out, I didn't actually need to do much work on it. It just needed a new fuse and a new bulb for the dual power display. Cost me just a few bucks to fix and it's up and running again after a good cleaning of the knobs and switches. Unfortunately it came with a broken audio mute switch, which still operates, and a broken treble knob, which will need to be repaired before anyone can use it again. 

This amp was made in 1979 and is rated at a hefty 65 watts per channel. It also has remarkably low distortion at 0.08% and an impressive signal to noise ratio of 95dB (line in). Compare that to other 1970s receivers and you'll find that these specs are fairly impressive. 

I didn't do any other work on this amp other than what I mentioned above. I was originally considering doing a full recap, but I need to clear space in my basement so I decided to list it for sale at a price that will see it sold as soon as possible. 

It's a shame about the damaged knobs, because it's in really great shape otherwise.


Very nice looking amp.

I wan't AKAI 2650 AMP with tunner

Hi there ,
am interested in buying this Akai Amp if u still get it.
pls call me on 075 368 155 47


Hi there i am interested in this amp if you still have it please can you email me what your asking price is so i can buy it thanks Martin.

Hi I have one in good condition. Black color. igf1980@yahoo.es

I had that amp with the matching tuner for 30 years. At one time when I was drumming I used it to power two Yamaha 4115B stage speakers. That amp was a workhorse. At onw time the lamp burnamp behind the volume dial so I disassembled it and re-soldered red lamps in both it and the tuner. In 2014 I retired that ole amp because the capacitors were starting to break down giving me Loud Pops. Replaced it with an Anthem.