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Arguably one of the cutest compact 35mm rangefinder film cameras ever made. At least in my opinion. I got this in a lot sale along with a few others, but I specifically kept this one because it's just so fantastic.

This is going to the first of a few camera related posts I plan on making, as promised back when I wrote my Intro to Film Photography post a few months ago.

I love this little camera. I bought it in a lot along with four other small 35mm rangefinders, all of which I've since sold—but I kept this one because I liked it the most. It even beat out the iconic Olympus Trip 35.

I got it in near perfect condition, except for a bit of grime that easily cleaned off with some Q-tips. The rangefinder was also a little foggy, so I removed the top of the camera and cleaned it out with some isopropyl alcohol as well. The bottom of the camera has a label indicating it requires either a PX-675 or EPX-675 battery, though I used an Energizer 357 (also known as LR44) which works perfectly without any light metering issues. You can buy a 3-pack of 357 batteries on Amazon for under $4.

Like most compact rangefinder cameras from its era (early 1970s), it is very simple to operate. It has automatic exposure and manual focus, but not much other as far as settings go. The viewfinder is coupled to the focus ring, which means you can easily tell when your images will be in focus—when the double-image in the ragefinder merges into one (example), you're good to go. That was actually one reason why I favored it over the Olympus Trip, which only has a zone-focusing system.

It comes with a fixed 38mm f2.8 lens, so it does a decent job in low-light situations, but it only supports film speeds up to 400 ISO. There's also no way to do exposure compensation beyond that, so you're limited in that regard. The lens is also surprisingly sharp!

I'll probably keep this camera for many more years because it's small and fun to use. The image quality out of the lens is also nothing to complain about.

Here are some specifications stolen from Camerapedia page for the C35:

  • 38mm f2.8 four-element Hexanon lens - 46mm filter thread
  • Coupled rangefinder
  • 25-400 ISO range
  • Self timer
  • Closest focus - 1m
  • Shutter speeds - 1/30 to 1/650
  • Dimensions- 120x75x52mm
  • Weight - 380g