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A very handsome matching Sansui integrated amplifier and tuner that I snagged for cheap last spring. The tuner has a cool motorized auto-search function.

I don't have too much to say about this pair other than I picked it up at a thrift store last spring for only $20, in perfect working condition. They look and feel to be from the 1980s, so they surely aren't included with Sansui's top of the line gear, but they looked fantastic sitting on the shelf together and I couldn't resist.

The amp is rated at a decent 45 watts/channel and the tuner has a very cool feature—a motorized auto-search function. I made a video!

It doesn't work perfectly—you can see where it gets confused a couple times, especially when radio stations are very close to eachother. Oh well, it's still pretty fun to use.

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The A-7 was made from 1980 to 1981. Nice that you found the matching pair. You just have to love Sansui. Have you played with any of their Quadraphonic receivers yet? http://carolinaaudiosource.com/product/…